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A very articulate powerful motivational speaker, a peak performance leadership coach for more than 3 decades, a communications scientist who has so far coached thousands of people across many cultures and countries.

The creator of the widely acclaimed brand “The Mind Workshop”, she is the founder CEO and Principal Coach at Dr Ushy’s Wisdom Works. She is the regional head, IHRO for the States of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

Formerly the Dean of KIMS Hospital, Bangalore, the Vice Chair person of the National Women’s Dental Council, she has been a mentor to many students and faculty across the globe. She is a specialist on board the advisory of women planet.com.

Her passions include cooking, sports and music besides reading and writing. She also loves animals and does volunteering work to protect nature.

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A Humorous--Honest-Humble-Human being, with an eternal thirst for learning, she believes that: “People die only once…There is a chance to LIVE STRONG every single day!”

A strong crusader heading Doctors against Corruption, She was recently elected to receive a national award for crusading against corruption in medical education called “Hope for the Nation”. She has also single handedly brought about reforms in the system of medical education. Recently she was conferred “The Indian Doctor of the year award” for 3 decades of research, innovation and service to the profession

A mid brain sumo, A spiritual scientist imparting alpha access methods, a national level debater, a stand up comedienne, an avid writer blogger and columnist she has been a radio jockey and voice over for more than 2 decades, having worked for globally credible and reputed channels A very popular and active handle on all social media; her quotes and articles have been published in newspapers all across India.

Professor Das is visiting faculty in many B-schools all over India training in business and organizational communications. She is known by the energetic, factual, honest keynote speeches. She is known for her natural spontaneous wit and edutainment style of delivering the most complex of subjects.

Leadership comes naturally to her, In fact her amazing story is one featured in the book titled: “When Dreams have Wings” by Shoma Bakre discussing women with grit and determination across the country having achieved the extraordinary

Frequently seen debating on social evils and corrupt practices on TV channels, she is referred to as, Dr. Tongue-Fu, the Michael Schumacher of Communications, the Iron-Lady for she effectively manages in 12 careers simultaneously.

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