2 April 2015
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2 April 2015, Comments 0

Adversity has introduced me to myself!

Always see yourself as being larger than the problem!

The challenge and charm of life is lost, if problems did not exist…yet most of us complain! Suddenly we understand the meaning of words like compassionate,mature and sensitive. We embark on a path to understanding the truth.Gratitude to adversity.

Suddenly we develop the thirst to understand.
The thirst to seek and find.
We suddenly surrender to a greater reality.
Suddenly we experience an empty mind.

Had life been only a bed of roses, the mind would have not developed to any higher levels of awareness or ability to understand reality.Complicated situations and people always allow us an opportunity to develop the various faculties of our brain.As it is, we hardly utilise even one tenth of the actual potential of the human brain! Always remember it’s the dark shades that make light really bright.As long as we keep getting born, it’s ok to die sometimes.Adversity gives birth to a new you.

Sometimes the destructive power of the mind ends up being more empowering!

Problems somehow allow the constructive capacity of the mind to be overshadowed.Remember what took you ages to build takes just moments to destroy.

When we struggle our efforts allow our minds a specific objective with direction.A new positive force – “concentration” engulfs the mind. It empowers us to continue the mysterious journey called life.

It’s from dirt the beautiful lotus emerges.
The scorching heat allows the shower of relief.
From numerous problems emerges concentration.
Problems are inevitable but suffering is optional.
Its only from the depth of pain…. emerges JOY.

I’m damaged and I’m dangerous for I know I surely can survive!;-)
Try spelling EVIL backwards!;-)

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