“Haath Mere Saathi”

2 April 2015
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2 April 2015, Comments 0

It’s indeed funny to imagine someone telling us… “The gut comes before the mouth”
Especially in a case of hand to mouth existence!

It’s truly a case of misplaced priorities for almost a majority of all our politicians!

The use of legislated powers by government officials/politicians for illegitimate private gain has become nothing new in India. Misuse of government power for other purposes, such as repression of political opponents and general apathy,brutality,corruption and arrogance due to power has become rampant.

An illegal act by an officeholder constitutes a horrid crime worse than genocide.It has to be termed “political genocide” The act is directly related to their post of power, official duties, and is done under the garb of law, mostly involving bartering in influence.

People lead protest,block roads,stop trains,throw stones,burn tyres and buses, rough up people and generally disrupt the “common” man’s life as a mark of loyalty and love to their man/woman in power.This my Friends the dirty “game” of politics which is played by “seasoned” actors who indulge in nothing but histrionics.An act by people in power who are above and beyond the law themselves!

Throwing shoes,slapping politicians and screaming anti “hero” slogans surely requires a lot more than just condemning the act!Many people around the country including members of the opposition surely have obtained some vicarious sadomasochistic pleasure watching the “wrap” that was telecast.

Forget the rightness,wrongness and the civility of the act for a second.It is the extreme form of rage and a response triggered by the indifference and pseudosemnatics of leperous actors on elected posts of power.

Ask the common man!…Atleast hundred plus of my Friends(including some bureaucrats) were happy and applauding the act(of course in private)..something they wish they could have done as well! Lucky they were not being monitored in their homes!

Mr Sharad Pawar was just one unfortunate man at the receiving end! Sad and unfortunate for him.

Most of the rest of the men/women in power are on the deceiving end!

Time to get REAL my dear Friends.

We may put on an act for the sake of the public but ask yourselves how many actually enjoyed that voyeuristic instinct dispalyed by Harvinder and relished the resounding sound of the “thappad”!

The majority of this country the so called “aam aadmi” at the end of their tether.They are FED up and sick to death of this never ending deceptive politicial soap. Of course with long “commercial” breaks!

As long as our leaders put their needs before the nations’ only worse could replace fireworks and footwear!

Mr Politician-The next time you think of the gut before the mouth you would surely end up with a 7 on the Richter Scale on your Buccinators for which you would let out a woofer enhanced wail!

The mouth always comes before the gut! That’s the law of nature that cannot be tampered with!

Not even by you Mr Politician! …..Haath Mere Saathi! Chaata lagaaa…hai re hai…

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