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Ananth H Vishakantaiah
Dr Ushy-It's been close to a decade that I know of you; you have been a source of inspiration and motivation for scores of men and women, irrespective of their stature in society. It has been a delight being in living contact with you; it has made an impact on our lives for sure. Your words of wisdom and your witty humor have healed loads of human beings. Your kind words at times of despair have changed many souls to turn back and fight through their ordeals. Wish, Hope and Pray that we would be amongst you in your spirit of humanity in the decades to come.
Nagaraja R. Rao, B.E., DTM.,
I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Ushy Mohandas for more than a decade. In my umpteen interactions with her she exudes confidence, knowledge and poise. Her training workshops are full of learning with an element of fun. She has a unique ability to drive home complex concepts through simple examples and is very effective because she can connect to all cross sections of the audience with her excellent communication skills. I wish her all the best in her endeavors.
Sahastranshu Singh
A woman of principles with a strong head, clear mind and follows her heart with zest to help the people in need .... Ushy is not only a friend but guide to me who always gives the best of solution be it personal or professional. Ushy is an eloquent speaker and I am privileged one to attend her workshop on Communication skills which is entirely different from what I have attended in past. In this session the emphasis was on practical aspect as well as to communicate to inner soul by way of meditation which opens up a totally new dimension.
I truly admire you for your style of training and coaching. You are a great inspiring leader, Role model for many young leaders who want to transform their life and ready to take RISK and CHALLENGES.
Shri Premjeet Singh
Dr Ushy Mohandas, When I met you for the first time I thought I must be meeting a VVIP Lady & there’s no chance I can ever think of interacting with you from there further. I’m surprised that we’re good friends now. You’re fantastic motivator & mentor. I like your unbiased assessment of any situation whether personal or professional. You seem to elude emotions while suggesting solutions to a variety of situations. You’re discerning while making a point. I’ve seen this personally & that’s your strength. I love the way you engage with your audience, holding them to the edge of their seats, mesmerizing them with your talk. I’ve been wowed by yr diplomacy, charm & style while addressing any selection of audience. You’re a ‘real’ Master of Ceremony & can hold a large diversified group together for a very long time. One of the best qualities I admire is subtle humour in yr talks & you have an auto control to balance the same between the two extremes. You talks are very lively & full of rich learning. You seem to influence everyone by sharing your vast experience. You’re a wonderful & an effective trainer. You instill in the vibes & life in dead veins & propel them to think & resonate to your vibrant & powerful words. You can sway & persuade anyone to agree to your thoughts & expression. You’ve added a huge value to my speaking skills during my stint in Toastmasters & in various forums. You make the horse thirsty & I’m the one. I’ll always be inherently compelled to attend your speeches & discussions. Thank you Ushy
Karthik. D. Meda
"Ushy's style of public speaking and conversational skills training combines wit, substance and inspiration - all of which are qualities that any leader needs into incorporate into his/her communication style. I can't recommend her highly enough for anyone looking to take their communication skills to the next level"
Ananth Krishnan
Ushy Mohandas has been a friend for a little over 3 years, but to me it feels like I have known her for ages, and it is primarily due to her persona- undiluted, unmuddled, uncomplicated. She is one of the most, if not the most, direct and upfront individual I have ever met, something I admire her greatly for. I also admire her for her intelligence and integrity, her passion and perseverance. She has both the will and the ability to make change around her. Whether it is fighting a hard and lonely battle against academic corruption, upholding human rights, or helping thousands of individuals to communicate better, Ushy makes a positive impact in every aspect. Regards and good wishes
Muralidharan S S
I know Dr.Ushy Mohandas for quiet sometime. She’s a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional personality. Generally a multi-faceted person is a complex individual. But “Ushy” is unlike that description. The complexity can be best ordained to the work she does. Apart from being a doctor (mental & dental – a jest quip often used by her to introduce herself) She’s a Seeker, Friend, Mentor, Healer, Coach, Student, Dreamer, Teacher, Blogger and Mind-reader …. These are mere words that I use to describe her. Apart from that she’s a scholar, with a charismatic personality. Her qualities are best described by the words beginning with, a person with exemplary Courage to venture into an unconventional field. She has the curiosity and competence of an accomplished scientist and could communicate her ideas and theories with utmost clarity & endearing seriousness. She has a charismatic personality of substance and bore a character that endears her to all her well-wishers, friends, family, peers &sub-ordinates .She is a very compassionate human being too. A Polyglot (with an immense gift of power of the languages) with a humungous sense of humor, wit, societal consciousness and in all an enigmatic personality whose presence will motivate you!! I am lucky to know her!
Dr. Ushy Mohandas is a multi-faceted person, difficult to describe in words. A person of ‘words and wisdom’, a person so humane and caring that the multitude of achievements she has, sits lightly on her. Is she a dental doctor, is she a hypnotist, is she a communicator, is she a healer, is she a theatre person, is she a social activist, is she a humorist, a comedian, a multi-linguist, a woman who stands up for others rights without the garb of a women’s lib activist ?? What is she? She is all this and more rolled into one nice human being who loves being cared for and cares to spread love all around. The first time I saw Dr. Ushy was when she evaluated a speech in a session at IIMB. I was dumbstruck at the ease with which words seemed to flow out of her mouth… if she was Goddess Saraswati herself. I was left speechless when I discovered much to my surprise later that she was heading the dental department in a college. As the days went by, more of her was unraveled and I still continue to be surprised as to how a human being can achieve so much in life and stay ‘young’. Her humour, energy and laughter are infectious. With Ushy around, there can never be a dull moment. She definitely has made earth a better place to live in!
Syed Sultan Ahmed
Ushy is an amazing amalgamation of energy, depth and humour. I have known her as a friend and a fellow traveler in my journey of life and my interactions have enriched my experiences and added a dimension to my persona. Thank you Ushy for being you!