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2 April 2015
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2 April 2015, Comments 0

Nothing is so bad that it can’t get worse!

Bengaluru, is culturally diverse and complex, it is not surprising to find that people here reflect the rich glories of the past, the culture, traditions and values. If you were among the millions in Bangalore who drive to work every day, you would probably grimace with recognition. With traffic congestion getting worse each year in the wake of constant growth in vehicle ownership, all kinds of people.sometimes even cows, throng the roads and your daily slog could easily put your life at risk.

If there is one experience we all enjoy- I call it CT-Cheap Thrills!

It’s a jungle out there! When it comes to driving on Bangalore roads, it is either easiest (if you are an alert driver) or the toughest experience (if you are a stickler for rules or a learning license holder) you may encounter. Our Driving Schools understand the trauma of driving through our Traffic. They are dedicated to providing you training on defensive driving, race car driving, traffic driving, aggressive driving, and child safety driving-Cheap Thrills- all inclusive!

Red Lights that stare!….It’s not a suggestion Friends!
The traffic light that stares us in the face every single day…and of course the RED light…it glows, we all know what it means….STOP! What do we do? Look around if there is a traffic cop- the moment we see none around there CT…we just take off through streaming traffic and enjoy the abuse yelled at us! Some of us even gesticulate rudely. Oh another boon- CCTV?…yeah maybe we need to just don some more make up change a full set of clothes or re-do your hair to look good when caught on camera jumping the light!

Indicator lights are always blinking in the direction opposite to the one you’re turning! We have specialized in overtaking from the left. Wow what CT-in fact one road opposite the Garuda mall entrance actually insist that traffic flows the opposite way of what is expected as a rule.

Parking in No parking zones ! -Then the CT -waiting to see if our vehicles get towed away, or not.

The helmet hangs more on the handle than on your head! –CT
Pillion ends up becoming zillion behind. Suddenly the two seater bike gets converted into a family carrier right in front of our own eyes! Wah wat- CT until we get knocked down and actually need to undergo a CAT scan this time=CT

We hate queues!…guess we Bangloreans are what originated lateral thoughts in Edward de Bono’s mind …insist on making multiple queues. Which of course join the main queue?Imagine lane driving a guy planning to take a left turn would insist on driving in the extreme lane to the right-CT of course how can we deny him the pleasure? What CT if we actually manage to slip by …st lines or curved lines/lanes are an exercise in futility!

Mobile phone users have these funny postures, cricking necks and piles afflicted rears in order to adjust safe conversations especially since they are not allowed…Cheap thrills! The Network rarely falters!

Seat-belts…Gosh what CT… seen a majority wear it everywhere in and around the body, except where one is supposed to wear it! Most of them strap it on just to avoid the constant flicker on the indicator display panel in the car.Experts at bad posture-  you use your knees for steering more than your hands-Some CT!

Going so close and almost nuzzling against the vehicle in front of us…what CT… it’s like we are actually kissing the rear. And yet not!

Some of us, green revolutionists, don’t ever miss a tree in a car… our Air freshener!
Peeing on the roadside the cheapest thrill-its probably easier for a man because a woman would have to squat and it would just be a big hassle. Rarely seen woman pees on the roadside men don’t really care.

Friends, watering concrete does not help!

You have the policeman hold your beer while you get your license-CT
Alcohol and driving don’t mix, but still, many people love to drink and drive resulting in numerous road mishaps. Drunken driving has been recognized as a world menace, based on the stats which reveal that road accidents cause 1.2 million deaths and 50 million injuries around the world each year. Some 480,000 of these deaths and 20 million of people get injured by drunken driving

A lot many of us at Bangalore, are masters at breaking traffic rules and driving vehicles as carelessly as we wish. Traffic rules are flouted on our roads equally faster than changing lanes. Every single driving experience on roads here is race against time and it is better to keep your fingers crossed, if you are sitting next to the Formula CT Driver!

The very mention of rules makes some people rebel!
Traffic safety rules can be ignored at one’s own peril. What is worse, the violators might end up harming not just themselves but law-abiding persons as well. A conscientious driver might be observing every rule under the book but if the driver behind him didn’t bother with traffic niceties, he might add to the accident victims’ tally.

This Could Be The Worst Turn Of Your Life!
Obey signs and signals. Seat belts are meant to be used. Don’t indulge a minor by letting him drive. Children should play in a safe place away from the street. Use standard helmets while driving two-wheelers and don’t carry more than one adult pillion rider. Carrying persons on the bonnet of a motor vehicle is not done. No person should be allowed to stand or sit in a manner, which would hamper the driver.

Right to life and safety is the fundamental right of any citizen. This is guaranteed under the constitution of every country in the world including India. However, more people die every year from road accidents all over the world than the number killed during the whole of the Second World War!..Cheap Thrills eh?

When things go wrong don’t go with them!
The next time you feel like Romancing a Cheap Thrill, pause to think. A lot hinges on your decision!

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