The Italian Alpha Female

2 April 2015
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2 April 2015, Comments 0

I am appalled a group of creatures on two legs that have been living closely together and have a dominant Leader…in this case an Italian Alpha Female. You CON men out there know what an Alpha female is. You sense it. You know it. You want it. It feels good. It makes you feel more masculine and you like it. It’s real simple and there isn’t any need for over intellectualizing this. It’s been around for centuries and likely will continue on ad infinitum.

In the current work settings, the Italian Alpha female may be a natural leader, exuding confidence. But, she also may be contentious, demanding and difficult to work with. This is thought to be in part due to the alpha female attempting to retain her stature, however unconsciously, as alpha. Being the top salesperson, the quickest worker, the most aggressive boss may contribute to remaining at the top, and the alpha female has a tendency to respond aggressively to any attempts by others to outshine her.

ILL-legitimate family fiefdom that holds the reigns of the neutered mute lot who watch in stone silence as their alpha female thumps her chest!

In the human setting, the Alpha female usually doesn’t fight physically, but instead acts with language, brusque or dismissive behavior, or with other tactics to remain at the top. Recently, a haughty Italian Alpha female was seen gesticulating and angrily egging on her tribe of native tribes’s to protest and stall the proceedings of the kingdom which she assumes she reigns! Or must I say in this context rants!

Sometimes hiding behind a mask helps Madam! Of course waving the HAND gets you some front bench activism as well!Most of the male species remain voiceless in this group as what works most is the:

The Italian Acoustic Axe: The specialty trait of the Alpha female:
Hum Karrrrenge…Nahin Darrrenge….seems deafening in many contexts! Whilst she keeps screaming to her tribe “my my” when a headgear toting Mum Man just watches haplessly as the alpha female holds the reins! He plans his work whereas she works her plan!

Pasta Pappu aka Heir in command?
To add to the already existing woes, we have a Pasta Pappu in the waiting! Someone who is to be subconsciously in sync with an Italian Alpha female whose mere presence makes him feel protected, secure, and safe? Surely he is no fidgety, nerdy Chicken Little who panics at every stressor! Remember the UP fiasco?

Let’s not fool the country with conversational gymnastics or making mere banal statements that reflect a deep seated insecurity and envy. Aryans thought they were just naturally superior to every other race, period. It is indeed tough to be an Italian Alpha Female! It has everything to do with the ability to achieve power, control, wealth and sociopathic status validated by the neutered kingdom

Hope the HAND that rocks the Cradle does not end up giving a Bone Crushing Handshake to the Nation!

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